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My personal journal is becky_h and fandom_me contains my fandaom related rambling. This is where I store fanfic (and vids, and odd bit of art/batch of icons).

NC-17 material is flagged for explicit adult content, R-rated material is flagged for adult concepts. For easy navigation everything is organized in memories by fandom, and tagged by fic type (gen, het, slash), length (drabble (100-200 words), short-short (200-500 words), fic (500-5,000 words) and long (over 5,000 words), and pairing. Vids and art also have tags and are listed in memories.

If you're uncomfortable leaving a comment here, but would like to contact me, I can be reached at bhoadley @ gmail.com.

Banners made by the absolutely amazing matsujo9.