Becky's Writing (becky_writing) wrote,
Becky's Writing

Title: Decision
Author: becky_h
Characters: Hotch, Foyet
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Prompter/Prompt: mighty_quill
When you got nothing left to lose
Then you're way beyond the blues.
Right or wrong, Lord, you've got to choose
When you're way beyond the blues.

You hear the tollin' of the bell
Are you in heaven? Are you in hell?
The saints came marchin', and you fell.
Were you pushed? Did you stumble?
Who could tell?

“All right, all right, I surrender.”

Hotch hears the words through a fog of rage, hate, fear and grief, but he does hear them. He knows what he’s supposed to do: turn Foyet over, cuff him and hand him over to the authorities that are on their way.

What he does isn’t what he’s supposed to do.

Authorities are on the way. His time, before the decision’s taken out of his hands, is limited.

He hits Foyet again and he doesn’t stop until Morgan pulls him off.

He did things right once. It cost him everything. He doesn’t care about right. He cares that it’s over.
Tags: criminal minds, drabble, meme response, writing meme
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