Becky's Writing (becky_writing) wrote,
Becky's Writing

Title: Power-Imbalance
Author: becky_h
Character: Hotch/Reid
Rating: R
Word Count: 200
Prompter/Prompt: raynedanser
"Your mind won't let you say that you want me.”

Hotch is the most frustrating man on the planet. In fact, Reid thinks, Hotch might be the most frustrating man who has ever been on the planet. Ever. In the whole course of human history, Reid is willing to bet there has never been an individual as bull-headedly stubborn as Hotch.

Reid knows -and if Reid knows, everyone knows- that Hotch wants him. It’s not like he’s subtle. It’s not like even Reid could miss it. Will Hotch do anything about it, though? No. Because that would be ‘abusing his position of authority’. Trying to talk about it just leads them to debating the definition of consent.

Reid can’t really argue with that, because he does get it. Hotch is the boss. In theory he’s right. In practice, he’s dead wrong. Sort of. If you dig deep enough to deal with people instead of positions.

Either way, Hotch has a point, and Reid has a headache and a hard-on.

Finally Reid sighs, throws up both his hands - metaphorically and literally. “If I tie you up and walk you out of here at gunpoint will your conscience be satisfied?”
Tags: criminal minds, meme response, short-short, slash, writing meme
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