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Title: Merry Christmas, Emily.
Author: becky_h
Characters: Prentiss, Team.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 300
Prompter/Prompt: matsujo9
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

The week before Christmas the team is in Boise, Idaho.

There’s unspoken acknowledgement that they’re going to get this thing wrapped up as soon as possible. The B.A.U might have killed their social and romantic lives, but they’ve still got family and they’re still not spending Christmas Day sitting around drinking crappy coffee in a truck-stop, talking about sociopaths, psychopaths, and sadism.

None of them verbalize it until the twenty-third, and then it’s just Prentiss grumbling as she straps on a bulletproof vest. “You don’t want to know what my mother is going to do if I fail to show up for Christmas again.”

Everyone wants to know the story behind the again, but they’re pulling to a stop in front of an abandoned warehouse and then spilling out of the SUVs.

They split up, cover the exits and storm the place. Prentiss catches sight of the unsub making a break for it first and runs after him, shouting ‘FBI, Stop!’ like that’s ever stopped anyone in their tracks, ever.

She catches up to him, there’s a scuffle while she’s got her gun out. In the struggle, and before she’s got him cuffed, her gun hand’s shoved back into her own face. She tastes blood, and gets knocked back to the ground.

Derek appears right in the nick-of-time. By the time the unsub is in cuffs, Emily’s got her front two incisors in her hand, along with a lot of bloody spit. She stares at them for a moment, then groans. “My mother’s going to love this.”

As soon as the team realizes she’s okay and that, yes, she’s going to be able to get her teeth fixed -thanks in no small part to a control freak mother with Connections- they stop being concerned and gentle.

Morgan hums ‘all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ all. the. way. home on the jet.

She hates them all.
Tags: criminal minds, meme response, short-short, writing meme
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