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Title: Fearless
Author: becky_h
Character/Pairing: Hotch, Foyet
Rating: R
Warning: Pain, blood, non-graphic non-con.
Word Count: 150
Prompter/Prompt: stackcats
"I know I was born and I know that I'll die, the in between is mine."

Hotch knows from the second he goes down that he’s in trouble, and he’s not going to be getting back up again. The pain in his head is all encompassing, sickening, and demanding. It takes everything he has just to cling to consciousness. Fighting back is out of the question, even before he starts losing blood.

Since he can’t physically resist, he focuses his energy on two things: not passing out and staying calm.

Getting off on fear is part of Foyet’s profile; Derek Morgan still being alive is proof that at least that part of the profile is right. Hotch can’t stop Foyet getting off on pain, humiliation, stabbing, blood, or even power. He can no more stop himself reacting to the pain than he not bleed when he’s cut.

What he can do -what he does do- is absolutely refuse to give Foyet his fear.
Tags: criminal minds, meme response, short-short, writing meme
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